56th Annual Exhibition & Sale

Proxy Form

To place bids you will be charged $85 per ballot book. In the event your name is drawn for more than one piece listed
below and you DO NOT wish to purchase all pieces, please rank them in order of preference.

If you DO NOT rank them and give specific instructions as to which pieces are priority (ex: If drawn for #1 stop there), or total dollar amount, etc., the Joe Beeler Foundation will assume you want every piece you have listed. In the event you are bidding on sculpture with additional castings, please indicate if you wish to purchase an additional casting if not drawn for piece on display.

*Important Notice: If your ballot is selected, your credit card will be charged on/around November 5, 2022. Please
notify your credit card company that a large charge is authorized at that time.

IF YOU PREFER TO RETURN COMPLETED FORM / SEND CHECK (written out to CAA Joe Beeler Foundation):

CAA Joe Beeler Foundation
c/o Sally Douglas
PO Box 186
Clifton, TX 76634

Questions call